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Workplace Injuries

Some jobs are more dangerous than others. Construction workers, welders, sheet metal or steel workers, truck drivers, and factory workers face a greater risk of being injured on the job than workers in other industries. Faulty machinery or inadequate safety procedures can often lead to devastating injuries at the workplace.   Other factors that can contribute to workplace injuries include:

  • Mismanagement by onsite managers or contractors
  • Improper use or inadequate maintenance of machinery
  • Car accidents that arise in the course and scope of employment (e.g., while a commercial vehicle operator is transporting goods to a location)

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Workplace injuries often require expensive medical treatment and hospitalization. As a result of these injuries, you may be forced to take a leave of absence from your job. If you have been hurt on the job, contact the workplace injury attorneys at Torero Law so that we can assess your case and determine whether you qualify for compensation.  


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