How to Pick a Personal Injury Lawyer | 5 Tips from Torero Law

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When it comes time to pick a personal injury lawyer there are a number of things to consider. What will it cost? Where should you attorney be located? How long will the entire process take?  Add in the stress of actually being in a position to need a personal injury attorney and the whole process can feel complicated and difficult.

But in such a scenario the absolute worst thing you can do is choose an attorney who fails to represent your best interests. Far too often people needing a personal injury lawyer choose the fastest or most convenient option instead choosing the RIGHT option.  Here are 5 things to consider when choosing your personal injury representation.

  1. Cost – Attorneys can be expensive!  Thankfully, many personal injury lawyers take cases on a contingency basis. This means that any associated costs are contingent on actually winning the case and securing financial damages for you.  Contingency-based representation means victims of accidents and incidents can be well represented without carrying a financial burden. If you are working with a personal injury attorney that demands payment or a retainer before the work begins then we suggest taking a step back and considering another firm for representation.
  2. Experience and expertise – Many personal injury lawyers and personal injury firms will offer a free consultation to learn about the details of your case. This is time you can spend getting to know the team, how they work, and what their experience is in cases like yours. Our suggestion is to spend some time asking about that experience and other judgements they have secured.  Attorney-client privilege prohibits lawyers from sharing details about specific cases with you but they should be able to tell you what types of cases they’ve been successful with.  If you have been bitten by a dog and the firm you are speaking with keeps touting their experience in automobile accident cases then it’s probably time to talk to someone else.
  3. Location – In some cases your physical presence at the attorney’s office or their physical presence in the courtroom will be necessary.  So if you live in Manhattan Beach it probably isn’t wise to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer in Glendale. If your incident happened in Irvine you probably shouldn’t be talking to personal injury attorneys in Burbank. Firms in those areas can certainly represent you but you might be better off working with someone a little closer to home.
  4. Focus and attention – Large law firms sometimes have a nasty habit of having a more senior attorney talk to you early on and then shuffling your case over to a junior member of the team once you’ve retained their services. This isn’t to say that younger or less experienced lawyers can’t be good at their job.  But it is important to know who you are going to be working with and how much focus and attention they will be able to provide during this difficult time. If your attorney has a heavy caseload then you may not be getting enough of their focus to win your case. When choosing a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles give careful consideration to how large the firm is.  You should also ask – before agreeing to retain counsel – exactly who will be your actual attorney as your case moves forward.
  5. Empathy and understanding – Being in a position to need a personal injury attorney isn’t often good news.  Typically this is an indication that you or a family member has been involved in a serious incident or accident and someone else is at fault. Whether you’ve had a workplace injury or lost a loved one to wrongful death you are understandably experiencing some stress.  It’s also possible that the event has caused financial hardship and additional strain on your family unit.  As such, it’s important to seek counsel that offers empathy and understanding for your situation.  Being shuffled in and out of conference rooms while a huge team of people buzz about isn’t likely to make you feel cared about.  Conversely, a team that sits down with you and says “we know this is difficult and we can help you get through it…” is significantly more comforting. The rigors of your case may take a toll on you as the process unfolds.  It’s critical that your personal injury lawyer be compassionate and understanding.

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer doesn’t have to feel impossible.  The five tips above can serve as a strong foundation upon which to make your choice. No matter who you choose to work with after your personal injury incident, make sure that they fit you and your specific needs.  What worked for someone else may look quite different than what is best for you.

Here at Torero Law we have a small team focused on helping clients in their time of need.  We have locations all around Los Angeles so our clients know that we’re nearby, working for their best interests. And we choose to remain small and focused on certain clients in certain situations.  Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how Torero Law can help you.

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