The Dash Camera: A Potential Useful Device in Proving Liability in Auto Accident Disputes

The dashboard camera, or “dash cam,” is a digital camera that’s placed on the dashboard of a vehicle to record roadside events in real time as you drive. The device is typically mounted via a suction cup to your dashboard, in a forward-facing position, and is powered by a charger that connects to your car’s USB drive or cigarette lighter. When turned on, the camera continuously records footage from the driver’s perspective. The camera can also be configured to record sound or roadside interactions.

Outside of law enforcement, dash cams are a fairly novel feature. Nonetheless, their use and popularity are on the rise, and many ordinary drivers are beginning to equip them in their vehicles. Having a dash cam may prove beneficial in the event of an accident. For instance, if you’re involved in an accident and the other motorist concocts a story to pin the blame on you and escape liability, the footage recorded on your dash cam may help show the insurance company that the other driver’s story is bogus and that he or she actually at fault.

The recording may also be admissible in court as evidence, and could help you prove your case to the jury if your claim needs to be litigated. Some auto accidents end up becoming “he says, she says” disputes, and although a dash cam may not capture a collision from all angles, the footage recorded may still bring the truth to light and result in a speedy and favorable resolution of your case. Finally, even if your vehicle is damaged, the insurance company may still dispute the severity of your injuries. A video recording, however, may demonstrate to the insurer that the force of impact was substantial and that your injuries are therefore credible.

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