Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Deciding to seek legal representation after an accident or incident is a decision that many people struggle with.  We understand.  Whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident, an incident at work, or another event that has caused injury or damage you may well find that the rest of your life gets in the way.  You simply may not feel you have the time and energy to explain what happened to an attorney, especially when you are being pulled in a hundred different directions. We hear this every day from clients.

When is it time to call a personal injury lawyer

But just because you have other obligations and responsibilities doesn’t mean you should avoid having an attorney or firm to look out for your best interests.  In fact, the chaos of normal day-to-day life is all the more reason that retaining counsel is a wise decision. Sometimes it’s helpful to have clarity around such a decision as well as some encouragement. As such, here are a number of things you should take into account when considering if hiring a personal injury lawyer is in your best interest:

  • Time is of the essence – In many instances there are specific timelines that must be adhered to for your claim and filings. Having an experienced legal professional on your side should insure that you don’t miss any important deadlines or fall victim to any statutes of limitation issues. Do you know if there are any time or deadline related issues at the moment?  If there are or if you are not sure then it’s probably time to talk to a personal injury lawyer.
  • The process is overwhelming you – As you get further and further into a claim or negotiation you will find that the process feels like a heavier and heavier weight on your back.  The legal system isn’t working against you. In fact, the detailed and thorough nature of the process is designed to get to the truth for all parties and help deliver justice. But that is indeed an often complicated task. If you are starting to get overwhelmed or stressed by all the paperwork, all the calls, and all the discussions then it’s probably time to talk to an personal injury lawyer.
  • Personal or financial stress is mounting – When a case or claim carries on for many weeks or even months, it can consume more and more attention and emotional energy. At the same time, the hardship resulting from lost wages can create strain at home and with family.  If you are feeling increased tension because of a disruption in wages or earnings then it’s probably time to talk to a personal injury lawyer.
  • Getting the details together is harder than you realize – Believe it or not, even claims or cases that feel “small” rely heavily on evidence and details. Unfortunately, some of these details aren’t known by individuals that are trying to help themselves. Do you know how to find a police report? How to research the legal statutes in your area? How to gather witness statements? If you aren’t sure you know how to gather all of the evidence in your case then it’s probably time to call a personal injury lawyer.
  • You just aren’t sure and need some support – This reason is perhaps the most important of all. Personal injury attorneys are there to help their client get the justice to which they are entitled. Navigating claims, case, and courts IS complicated. Weathering financial hardships resulting from an accident IS hard. Making sure all the details and evidence are assembled and adhering to appropriate timelines IS challenging if not outright impossible for people to handle alone.  If you feel like you need professional help then you should know that it is time to call an attorney.

If you think you need a personal injury lawyer then you probably do

There are a number of other reasons and motivating factors that might lead the victim of an accident to call a personal injury lawyer. In the end, our advice is simple: personal injury attorneys like those you will find at Torero Law are here to help you in your search for justice. We are here to provide support, advice, and counsel when needed and to help navigate the legal system when the time comes. Even better, we don’t charge any fee until your case is won.

If you are trying to decide if the time is right for you to contact a personal injury attorney, we invite you to contact the team at Torero Law. We would be glad to learn more about your specific case and offer a free consultation. If you think you might need an attorney then you probably do.  And if you need a personal injury attorney in the greater Los Angeles area then you need Torero Law.

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