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At Torero Law, we specialize in personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. For more detailed information, see the links below.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim is a claim against an individual whose negligent conduct or acts ultimately caused the death of another person. We understand that losing a loved one can cause major pain and grievance for family, friends and loved ones. We understand that this compensation will never make you whole again. Nevertheless, we do our best to obtain maximum compensation and ease your financial burden,because results matter

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents include more than only car accidents, this includes truck accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and accidents involving public transportation. The laws that rule car accident personal injury cases tend to be somewhat complex in California. It is to your benefit to choose an attorney who best understands these facets of your individual case, because results matter.

On-The-Job Injuries

Companies have a duty to protect their employees from on-the-job injuries, and when they fail to do so, Torero Law is here to help protect you from the effects resulting from this kind of accident. Choose your attorney wisely, because results matter.

Bicycle Accidents

California is a beautiful place to spend time outdoors, often inclusive of cycling for enjoyment, while others use their bicycle as a means of transport. In either scenario, getting hit while on a bicycle often leads to unfavorable results. Our attorneys know how to fight for your best interests so that you can be compensated for the injuries you will sustain, because results matter.
If you have been involved in a bike accident, we can help get you back to pedaling ahead.

Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been injured while riding a motorcycle, it is important that you contact a qualified attorney right away. The attorneys at Torero Law will fight tenaciously to get you the best results, because results matter. These cases are very involved and time-sensitive, visit our page for more information and contact us today!

Dog Bites and Attacks

Dog bites and attacks can lead to serious injuries, and leave lasting issues both physically, psychologically and emotionally for the victim. If you have been involved in a dog bite or dog attack accident, our attorneys are prepared to handle this case to find the best settlement for you. These cases can be tricky as we sometimes deal with insurance companies from the defending party, so it is important to make sure you choose an experienced lawyer who will get the best outcome for you,because results matter.

Premises Liability

Las mordeduras y los ataques de perro pueden provocar lesiones graves y dejar secuelas físicas, psicológicas y emocionales para la víctima. Si usted ha sido mordido o atacado por un perro, nuestros abogados están preparados para manejar el caso y encontrar la mejor solución para usted. Estos casos pueden ser complicados, ya que a veces tenemos que tratar con las compañías de seguros de la parte demandada, por lo que es importante asegurarse de elegir un abogado con experiencia que obtenga el mejor resultado para usted, Porque los resultados cuentan.

Faulty Products

In California, manufacturers, distributors and sellers of products are responsible to ensure the items that they sell are free of defects. If not, they may be liable for the injuries caused by these products. Sometimes these accidents lead to major injuries. Our attorneys have the knowledge to help the victims of faulty products seek compensation for these defects. Contact us today to get started on your claim.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are one of the most serious types of personal injury accidents since you have no protection around yourself from an oncoming motor vehicle. This often results in serious injury and life-long effects. As you or a loved one is recovering, you need to make sure someone is looking out for your rights and helping to prepare you for the future that lies ahead after the accident. The attorneys at Torero Law fight for maximum compensation for our clients when they have been involved in personal injury accidents and pedestrian accidents are no exception, because results matter.

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