Wrongful Death

One of the hardest things to endure is the premature death of a loved one. The unwanted surprise could have been avoided leaves families in a state of shock and despair. Under California law, a wrongful death is the death of a person caused by the wrongful act or neglect of another. These emotions are magnified when the wrongful death occurs as a result of careless behavior or maliciousness of a person who has been trusted to provide safety and care for the individual who passes away. In the event of a wrongful death, families must also deal with the loss of income, costs related to death, and loss of future financial help from the victim.

At Torero Law, we know that nothing can replace a loved one who has been lost. The best way we can help remedy a wrongful death is to seek justice by compensation for the family that has been affected, to allow them to continue living their lives with as little unnecessary disruption possible.

Common Wrongful Death Accidents

While there are numerous negligent actions that lead to wrongful death, here is a short list of the more common instances that lead to these accidents:

  • Truck and car accidents (due to reckless driving)
  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Defective products
  • Medication mistakes and medical malpractice

Most often a death is considered a wrongful death is if there was negligent conduct causing a person’s fatality by someone else. When these events occur they often cause financial hardship to the surviving dependents of the deceased victim. Torero Law can help support your family by seeking compensation from those at fault to help cover the financial and emotional burden the dependents may incur following the accident.

How Can You Be Compensated for A Wrongful Death?

Suffering the loss of a loved one brings many emotional challenges, and the effects often cause many obstacles for the family and those closely involved. Families may suffer a financial burden once a source of income has been lost and this can become very cumbersome at a time of extreme hardship. Damages we may seek for our clients who have suffered a loss by wrongful death include:

  • Loss of income from the now-deceased
  • Costs of burial services, cremations and receptions
  • Some damages due to pain and suffering, as well as emotional losses
  • Future losses, such as income

Wrongful Death Legal Representation

Torero Law is very successful in holding accountable those who have damaged families and caused major hardships for others. If you feel that a loved one has suffered and died as a result of someone else’s careless or negligent actions, contact our attorneys at 310-401-1662 as soon as possible. We can help ensure that your rights are protected and that full and just compensation is obtained.


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