Were you hurt on someone else’s property ?

Property owners have a rightful duty to provide well-maintained areas when having lawful visitors on their property. Hosting others on an ill-maintained property may lead to injuries in which the owner will be liable. When a property owner does not take care of their property and someone gets hurt, they may be faced with a premises liability claim. Our attorneys do their best to get our clients compensated for medical expenses and damages caused by these accidents.


California provides certain codes and regulations that properties must adhere to. Hosting property in unsafe conditions and avoiding necessary repairs can lead to major disasters for the property owners. By failing to honor these codes, property owners are putting themselves at risk of receiving a premises liability claim. When our clients have been hurt on someone else’s property, we use our resources to find who was at fault for the incident to determine who is liable for the expenses resulting from these injuries.


  • Wet floors
  • Broken floorboards or staircase
  • Protruding objects causing a person to trip and fall
  • Ill-maintained mechanical utilities
  • Poor lighting causing person to fall or run into objects
  • Loose fixtures falling off walls and ceilings

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