On The Job Injury

Were You Injured On-The-Job?

Some careers are a bit more dangerous than the typical 9-5. Construction workers, those who work with machinery, metals, truck drivers or in factories are all more susceptible to on-the-job injuries. Often these types of employment have managers who are responsible for maintaining safety and measures are implemented to reduce these risks. However, faulty management and machinery can lead to devastating consequences. If you have been hurt on the job, contact the attorneys at Torero Law right away so we can make sure your case is handled in the right manner. These types of personal injury cases tend to be more complex and it takes a skilled attorney to make sure the right steps are taken to protect your case and get you the best results.


Being hurt on-the-job not only causes you pain and suffering, but you are sometimes unable to continue working. Aside from the doctor’s visits or even hospital bills, what happens when you’ve now lost your income? We are prepared to help our clients seek the maximum compensation available after being hurt on-the-job so that they can continue to live their lives in the least disrupted way possible.

Common causes of on-the-job injuries include:

  • Mismanagement by on-site managers or contractors
  • Faulty machinery or equipment
  • Improper use or upkeep of machinery
  • Improper function of machinery
  • Work vehicle auto accidents

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