Car Accidents

So you were in an accident, who is at fault? Who is liable?

If you are a victim in a car accident, call us right away at 1-888-942-2642 and we will give you a free consultation to discuss your unique and individual situation. Speaking directly to an attorney will help you better understand what your options are and if we may be able to get you compensated.

Our attorneys who specialize in personal injury and car accidents take these cases due to a number of causes including road rage, young and inexperienced drivers, car error, elderly drivers, DUIs, and fender benders.

Aside from who is at fault, determining the liability can become a bit more complicated and often involves the dealings of different parties and insurance companies. Here at Torero Law, our personal injury attorneys are well equipped to handle these cases with their skills and background in this field. We also know how important it is for our clients to settle fast, so you can get paid fast, so we will always be working efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

If you find yourself in a minor accident, most likely your insurance company will conduct an investigation. However, if the accident leads to serious injury, hospitalization or death, the police and other law enforcement may be the ones to conduct the investigation. Depending on the event, serious charges can be made against a driver who causes an accident under the influence leading to serious injury or death. Substantial evidence should show negligence by the driver at fault that specific laws were broken in order for the driver to be prosecuted. Other factors causing car accidents include car defects, traffic light malfunction or roads that are under-maintained and faulty. In these situations, the fault will lie with the corresponding external cause.

What to do after an accident:

With the thousands of car accidents that are happening every day, it is crucial to be prepared to take proper protocol in the event of a car accident. Follow these important steps to prepare yourself in case you decide to pursue a claim.

  1. It is important to stay at the scene of the accident and always call the police. If there are injuries, make sure to request an ambulance. It is important at this time to report the accident at hand with the police to make a record of that exactly happened.
  2. If there are any witnesses of the accident, get their information including their name and phone number as this may be needed later. It is important to get the other driver’s information including their name, license plate, VIN number and address.
  3. Be sure to document the accident with as many pictures as possible so that you are prepared later on.
  4. You will also want to let your insurance company know that you have been involved in an accident.

There is a statute of limitations for filing a Personal Injury lawsuit

This date is very important, for if you fail to take action within the time allotted to file your personal injury claim, you may be surrendering your opportunity to file your claim at all.

Other limitations exist depending on the circumstances. For example, accidents involving government entities have their own specific dates and deadlines that you will need to be aware of and file accordingly.

The best thing to do when involved in a personal injury incident is to call the attorneys at Torero Law right away so we can be sure your claims are filed correctly and on time.


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